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Methods of Searching and Playing back Audio conference calls indexing by keywords and speaker

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234613D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-22
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Disclosed is a method of searching and playing back audio conference calls indexing by keywords and speaker. This idea focuses upon a new method that needs to be developed to enable users to retrieve relevant info to a call at any given time if so chosen.

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Methods of Searching and Playing back Audio conference calls indexing by keywords and speaker

Much info users exchange today is recorded on audio-conference calls. The problem is that retrieving any particular 3 relevant information from a teleconference call is time consuming and impractical especially in context of the conversation. This innovation is about the method of taking a multi person conference call recording, creating a text database
which is indexed by time, searchable for keywords and set audio playback at the desired keyword linking both
audio and visual data dynamically by specifying the following claims:

1. Speech to text index by time in a database and identifying a person's voice characteristics.

2- Replay audio and video from point identified by text searched and prioritize it by context.

3- Incorporate into a flow where standardized query and user interface can be used.

4- Create a multi-dimensional database / repository to index multiple conference call recordings.

The novelty is in creating an audio recording database searchable by keyword and speaker. One solution is in creating the database repository which contains recording of the conference call and transcript of the conference call indexed by time along with a method to search and replay the audio from the desired starting point with the speaker identified. A built cache repository can be stored in this methods with different and specific particular of the calls. This will enable users to...