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An appliance for remote controlling multiple mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234619D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-23
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The disclosure discloses an appliance for remotely accessing and controlling mobile devices. The appliance integrates USB controller, Mobile Device Controller(MDC) and Ethernet controllers, which provides USB connection for mobile devices and supports remote mobile access.

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An appliance for remote controlling multiple mobile devices

Problem Statement and Background:

Mobile applications are growing fast with the popular smart phones. Mobile applications need to support many kind of mobile devices


with different brands and models. It is difficult and expensive to set up a large-scale environment to fulfill related requirements of mobile applications' development and test now.

Now, all development and test environments for mobile applications on real mobile devices are host-based or single device. This will


bring more security management issues. And it needs more management costs.

A way to resolve this kind of problem is setting up a testing cloud for mobile applications. However, there are no efficient and


easy-to-use devices using to remote control mobile devices when someone try to set up a mobile testing cloud now.

In this disclosure, an appliance was proposed to resolve the problem of remotely controlling and accessing multiple mobile devices.


Core Idea

Core Idea:


An appliance is 1U standard integrated device, which includes core components as below:

USB controllers which support up to 24/48 ports.


Mobile Device Controller(MDC) for mobile device remote controlling and management.


Ethernet controllers for appliance management and end user access.



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Advantages: :

Lower Cost: Low cost to enable mobile device remote access and control via dedicate appliance.


Out of Box: An appliance w...