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Flex structure with DSA driver Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234621D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-23
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The present invention relates to the structure of the magnetic disk drive which has DSA driver on flex cable. especially, it is related with the shape of bracket and metal plate which supports the flex cable especially, and the structure of the attachment to the enclosure of base etc. 1) HDD which has arranged bracket enclosed by resin etc. so that DSA circuits, such as concho, might be provided in surface of flex cable and said DSA circuit might be protected. 2) said HDD possessing the positioning pin used in order to maintain at bracket of said flex cable the shape stabilized in the actuator side in wall and cable for bending flex cable 90-degree angle. 3) said HDD which provides a DSA circuit in the range which does not jump out of the upper surface of bracket of said flex cable. 4) In said flex cable, it provides metal plates, such as aluminum or stainless steel, said HDD by which insertion mounting was performed at the boss whom has the hole or notch for the enclosure formed by said plate by aluminum die-cast etc., and positioning, and said enclosure counters. 5) said HDD by which a connection connector with PCBA of flex cable is held when plate of said flex cable is inserted in the boss of said enclosure. 6) said HDD electrically connected with ground where the plate part of said flex cable is contacted or fixed with said enclosure.

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