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A method and system for sharing high-fidelity interaction flows in web conferences Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234623D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-23
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Disclosed is a method, system and computer software program that ensures a user can share all the steps in an interaction flow to all other users in a web conference.

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A method and system for sharing high

A method and system for sharing high- conferences

A web conference is an online meeting in which attendees can view a real-time view of the presenter's screen - either with integrated or separate audio teleconferencing facilities - to enable presentation to and/or discussion with a remote group of people that connect, using a web browser or application, to a web conferencing server (WCS).

As the presenter shares their screen with the other attendees, data describing their screen is transferred from their web conference client to the web conference server over various network links, and then distributed from the web conference server to all of the web conference clients of the meeting participants over other, multiple network links.

As a result of the differing speed, bandwith and reliability characteristics of the various network links utilized by the participants in any given web conference, it is inevitable that there will be delays in the transfer of the data from the presenter to the attendees. Even with intelligent algorithms to reduce amount of times the screen view is refreshed and high compression of the screen view image, for a real time update of a high resolution screen, there is a lot of data to transfer.

Whilst current compression techniques are adequate for sharing views of documents and presentation slides, for reviews of detailed design items the fidelity is often not adequate. Further, for demonstrations of computer software and websites the latency often stops the user interactions and even entire screens to be missed by the attendees.

Prior art, including an invention by [Ruthie et al: Method, system, and computer program product for web conference participant display render acknowledgement] provide methods for helping the presenter visualize the approximate states of other user' screens- but there is no prior art that ensures all steps in an interaction flow are captured, shared and seen by the other users.

The novel parts of this invention are:

allowing the presenter to enter a mode optimized for capturing higher


resolution 'snapshots' of the screen identifying each view/step in an interaction flow


sharing these views based on attendee readiness.


notifying the presenter when each screen has been seen


This is achieved by detecting user actions and sharing only a single snapshot of the screen - rather than capturing all of the real-time updates to the screen (mouse movements, minor changes) - and then indicating to the presenter when the attendees can see the current view so they know when to progress.


fidelity interaction flows in web

--fidelity interaction flows in web

fidelity interaction flows in web

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By removing the often unnecessary high-bandwith approach of real-time screensharing, this should dramatically improve the speed and responsiveness of the transfer of the present...