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A method for sharing the root context amongst multiple web applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234625D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-23
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This invention describes a method that allows multiple applications to share the root web context. New applications can be added and the sharing is handled automatically.

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A method for sharing the root context amongst multiple web applications

There exist many large homegrown web applications that for various reasons (maintenance, performance, consistency) are being ported to standardized applications running on 3rd party web application servers. These applications may have a well known published set of web service URIs that cannot easily be changed. The problem is that when porting a web application to a standard format it
is likely that the components of the application will need to be logically split into any number of different modules. Each of these modules will have its own application context root and thus the web service URIs will have to change.

The problem to be solved is therefore how can a web application be split into multiple components

while still maintaining a single visible application context root.

One solution to this problem would be to install a web server in front of the web application server and have that forward the various requests onto the correct context root. The limitations of this solution are:

- It requires a new piece of software to be installed and introduced into the HTTP request hierarchy.

- It would still require some additional configuration and/or plugin to determine the correct application context root.

- Any change to the web application would require additional changes to the web server configuration. Giving the appearance of a single visible context root for multiple web application components can be achieved by providing a filter application that listens on the required context root that forwards the requests onto the correct component context root. This application would be able to query the list of components to find the list of supported URIs for each. This list would be stored in memory providing a very quick switching mechanism to the various c...