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Dynamic context based greeting for virtual chat and SMS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234632D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-23
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A system for providing personalized and pre-emptive answers to questions in a cognitive system.

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Dynamic context based greeting for virtual chat and SMS

Systems like the IBM Watson* Client Engagement Advisor are able to answer support questions from customers over channels such as chat and SMS. It is desirable to personalize the answers that Watson provides utilizing information such as the name of the customer and their account characteristics such as the telephone they own and the service contract they have.

Chats are typically initiated via a company website. The user is identified via logging into the website. In the case of SMS, the customer is identified from the phone number that the SMS originates from. Given this identify information, the user name, model of phone, service contract and other relevant information is extracted from a customer database. This information is passed along to Watson which combines it appropriately with the responses that Watson provides. An example is shown in the screenshot below.

The system can also pre-emptively suggest solutions to problems. For example, when you contact Watson, it may recognize that there is a service problem in your area and give you information about resolution of that problem. A message such as "There is a system outage in your area which is expected to be repaired in 15 minutes. If this is not the problem you are having, please ask a question."

The difference between this and prior art is that the invention uses personal information to get specific answers as opposed to just better search results...