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A mechanism to avoid sending email accidentally Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234656D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-27
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Email is a major communication tool in our daily life, but it happens sometimes the mail is sent accidentally by hitting the send button. Disclosed is an UI based mechanism is provided to avoid sending mail accidentally.

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A mechanism to avoid sending email accidentally

Email is a major communication tool in our daily life. Most people deal with hundreds of emails everyday, so it is very likely to make mistakes while handling them. For example, user may send out an important email to someone and realize he miss an important attachment or there's incomplete content in this email. Some solution is available, for example, recall the mail, or manually send another mail to correct the content.

    To improve and provide better user experience, a solution of embedded "Send Lock" in email layout is provided. The "Send Mail" button would be grayed out once "Send Lock" is enabled, user can turn Safety Lock off to activate the "Send Mail" button when the mail is ready to be sent. When the lock is enabled(See Fig. 1~3), users can still edit and save the mail as draft, but can not send the mail out. It helps user not to send important mail accidentally.

Fig. 1 Safety lock on the e-mail editing screen.


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Fig. 2 Another safety lock on the e-mail editing screen.


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Fig. 3 Safety lock enabled in the e-mail editing screen.


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    The following chart illustrates how the disclosure works when user click "Send Lock" and when an email is opened from draft state.

    Initially the "Send Lock" property is default to off for a new mail. Once user clicks/checks the "Send Lock", the send function would be disabled, and the user cannot send the mail then (only the one with Send Lock...