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KDE GATEWAY mapping solution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234667D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-28
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KDE GATEWAY mapping solution

Many monitoring environments contain networks separated by firewall. Using the monitoring product in customers with this scenario is necessary to use a Gateway component.

"The Gateway component is a feature that allows traversal of complex firewall configurations. It's based on a proxy component, and it's present in the process for monitoring components. The scenarios under which this Gateway works can be one of a) OS agent based monitoring and b) remote probes based monitoring. The Gateway service is provided by a specialized OS agent and it's configured within XML"

The major problem in this scenario is that there is no simple way to know which agents on a environment is at the Gateway component, so the agents can be decommissioned or unconfigured, causing all monitoring agents who were under that Gateway component to stop working and making it difficult to know where these agents were connected.

This solution comprises a discovery methodology, a local database and a Gateway report.

The discovery method is responsible to discover new Gateways in a monitoring environment and it should run as frequently as possible to ensure an up to date database of active Gateways, minimizing the chances of accidentally removing or reconfiguring a recently provisioned Gateway service.

The Gateway report is executed on demand and it is based on the information gathered from the discovery method , which

previously scanned the Monitoring environment and identified the Gateways status.

This discovery method collects agents' configuration behind the Gateways using the monitoring product commands itself to gather the information. It collects the Gateway configuration in the configuration files, discovers the network ports used for connection, collects the connectivity information and generates a list of the Gateways versus agents that are behind it .

The novelties of this solution are the discovery method used to identify new Gateways and the report function to productively identify issues in this environment.


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System Administrators using this report can understand the impact in the monitoring when stopping one server having an OS monitoring agent in a Gateway role.

Monitoring team can use this method to increase the monitoring level of the Gateways and proactive work to restore a Gateway agent due to their higher impact in the monitoring infrastructure.

Monitoring team can know in real time the status of the Gateways on the environment and also know how the Gateway impacts the health check of the Monitoring environment.

Monitoring team can track if a Gateway was removed from th...