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Smart Order Fulfillment to a Dynamically Changing Shipping Address Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234674D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-28
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We all place orders online and the seller expects our availability at the shipping address mentioned on the order at the time of delivery. It is a commitment that the seller seeks from the buyer or customer in order to ensure order fulfillment on the committed date. In case of multiple orders with different shipment dates, it is a bit difficult for the customer(buyer) to track and ensure the customer’s availability at the marked shipment address to receive the order/parcel without a miss/return. In the dynamic world we live in, especially with orders, whose expected delivery date span more than 4-5 days, it is a little tricky to ensure our availability and plan our schedules in synch with shipment arrival date. The complexity multiplies with more number of orders coming our way. A technique is disclosed is to provide a unique marker(say mobile number) at the order level using which the seller tracks the buyer schedules/calendar and tries to ship the order at the available address as per the mutual convenience in an optimal way.

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Smart Order Fulfillment to a Dynamically Changing Shipping Address
Customer will be provided with an infrastructure wherein he can maintain his schedules/calendar to publish his availability by mentioning the address against a date with a time bound. Imagine an enhanced calendar on a mobile phone which can be queried publicly with the user consent or may be a lotus calendar.

With the availability of above said infrastructure consider the following sequence of events:

1. Customer places one more orders with one or more vendors.

2. Customer specifies primary shipment address and also, requests for order fulfillment using dynamic shipment address tracking.

3. Customer specifies his mobile phone or any other identifier that can be used to track his schedules or dynamically changing address.

4. Seller accepts the order and commits the delivery assuming the primary shipment address.

5. During the fulfillment process, seller's routing algorithm periodically checks customer calendar (may be on a daily basis) and changes its routing plan and souring node accordingly.

6. Seller may optionally check with the customer for his availability on the address marked on his calendar or can decide to change the shipment date depending on optimal possible routing (with respect to distance, cost etc)

7. Order gets shipped/delivered to the dynamic location as marked on the customer/buyer calendar.

Consider the following example.

Customer calendar:

01 Jan 2013 - Moring 10 AM to Evening 6 PM - IBC Knowledge Park, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 61

02 Jan 2013 - Morning 11 AM to Evening 8 PM - EGL business park, Domlur, Bangalore

- 71

04 Jan 2013 - Outstation - (Please do not ship)

05 Jan 2013 - @ Home - Jaynagar 4


07 Jan 2013 - @ GOOGLE GEO CODE - XYZP (maps to a specific address)

block, Bangalore - 11


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Order history of Customer :

1. 26


        Dec -2012 - Order -1 for Item-1 from Vendor-1 to be fulfilled to a dynamic address. Fulfillment...