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Technique for preparing merged and categorized release information from Version Control tool repository for Release Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234688D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-28
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Disclosed is an implementation approach detail of a softwate system namely "Release Shaper" by which a version control tool repository can be operated for the following: - Search the changesets (group of changes) with ease by several customizable parameters which are preset to the system. - Merge the release information of several file sets checked in by different users at a number of times - Download and share the generated consolidated release information in text file format - Perform offline search for file change sets through customizable parameters preset to system

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Technique for preparing merged and categorized release information from Version Control tool repository for Release Management

Prior Art: The Version Control Tool repository systems. These provide online searching facility of different file change sets.
[Abbreviation used: VCTR = Version Control Tool Repository]

Problem Statement:

Using the prior art currently the release information preparation from VCTR file sets requires lot of manual effort as the Version control system data store does not support direct merged file set information generation.

Release information complexity is increased with number of users checking in,

number of file sets per user and number of files per file set.

Manual preparation of release information is prone to human error - omission of file and duplicate file entry (for large number of file sets having same files) and it is highly time consuming exercise.

Network connection is always required for release information preparation from VCTR system as offline browsing of this data store is not possible.

Categorization of files as per their types, VCTR code hive / branches are needed to

be done manually as no tool supports such generation, thus increasing overhead of Release Management and final build preparation.

A considerable amount of time is spent for Release Management activity to prepare Release Information and there also remains probability of human error.

Core concept:

Disclosed is a technique to create a software system, namely "Release Shaper" that will work as integrated thin client with VCTR system and will support Release Management activity by:

Enhanced searching and filtering from VCTR as a thin client.

Selecting file sets from search result to prepare merged file list information needed

for manual build preparation.

Preparing merged change list (file lists) with categorization based on file type and Source Control repository hive / branch information.

VCTR data store snapshot generation which will allow the user to browse VCTR

offline i.e. with no network connectivity thus increasing availability

Downloading the generated release information (file list) into simple text file that c...