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Enhancement for Locating and Engaging Experts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234731D
Publication Date: 2014-Jan-31
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Disclosed is a system that uses a social network to enable a user to more easily locate the right experts. The system assists a user in identifying the most suitable experts for the project.

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Enhancement for Locating and Engaging Experts

Today's businesses are complex entities with people of many different skills and capabilities who are responsible for different parts of the business. These businesses rely on experts, those skilled and capable, to get products released, work done, and ensure customers are satisfied. Looking for experts is often a difficult and time-consuming process.

To find an expert via email, emails are sent to wide distribution lists. This can create unnecessary email traffic as the quest for an answer is likely to go to people that can add no value. To find an expert via social network messaging is very similar, and results in much chatter to arrive at a best answer.

When the right expert is outside one's trusted social network, the connection to the right expert is more useful when the expert is within the network of networks. It is often easier to connect when an expert is introduced via the network. This is cumbersome, and difficult to manually find the right expert. This manual process results in many false attempts at contacting potential experts only to find out the person is not a good fit.

A locator system relies on networks of people and tagged profiles. To find an expert via one of these systems, a user searches on topics, terms, or strings. This might produce many thousands of results. The henpecking to find the right person is onerous.

An efficient method is needed by which a user can locate a suitable expert to meet the

needs of a project or reach a goal.

The novel contribution is a system that uses a social network to enable a user to more easily locate the right experts. The system detects a trigger to filter the list of experts, retrieves the list of recommended persons from the user's online social network, and then filters the list of experts based on the list from the network. In addition, the system can delegate the introduction of the recommended expert and use delegation privileges to enable a person to connect.

To implement the system in a preferred embodiment:

1. The user triggers the system

A. The system detects a user who wants to use the smart filter through a button or other form element

B. The system detects when the number of results are above a threshold (e.g., more than 50 results, more than 1000 results, etc.)

2. The Smart Filter filters the list based on:

A. Networked Users (in user's network)

B. Network of Network Users (in networked user's network)

3. The system retrieves this information from the online social network

4. The system enables a user to delegate a network to post on the user's behalf

A. The user designates the poster has privilege to post as the user

B. The system checks the time of relationship and time...