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Fuzzy Dropdown Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234768D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-03
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Disclosed is a Fuzzy Dropdown menu, which acts as both the search user interface (UI) and the option selector in a single UI input field.

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Fuzzy Dropdown

At present, dropdown menus (also known as "pulldowns") require the user to make a single or multiple selection(s) using a discrete list of options. However, there are cases in which the number of potential selections is very large and cannot be optimally fit into a dropdown user interface (UI) controller. In addition, the user might not know which option to select.

The current practice to mitigate these challenges requires the user to first search for the desired object descriptor in a separate UI field or web page , and then enter that descriptor in the desired UI location. If several descriptors are needed, then the user has to repeat this process multiple times. This results in a suboptimal user experience since it requires the user to repeatedly shift attention from one UI view to another to complete the task.

The novel contribution is the Fuzzy Dropdown, which addresses the above issues by

acting as both the search UI and the option selector in a single UI input field . This reduces the mental workload by focusing the user's attention on a single field to complete a task.

The user has the option to either open the dropdown and make selections or start typing within the dropdown entry field to narrow the number of available selections . The search then returns any value that includes the term entered by the user , regardless of its position within the descriptor of the selection. For example, typing 000 returns both '000123' and 123000.' After...