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Self Propelled Seeding Unit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234774D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-04
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A self propelled seeding unit is disclosed. The seeding unit uses an engine to transmit power to a track system. The track system is equiped with means for power transmission, seeding and depth gaging. The unit is back controlled by GPS communucations.

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Self propelled seeding unit

A self propelled sowing unit consisting of

• An engine either benzine or hybrid

• Track transmission and depth gaging system

• Sowing opener, either disc or tine opener

• GPS communications system

• Toolbar for attachments

• Vacuum source

• Commodities storage

The self propelled seeding unit uses an engine either gas or hybrid to transmit power to a track system.

This track systems provides means for por power transmission and depth gaging. The unit is back controlled by GPS communucations controller from a nearby GPS emisor . The track frame is connected to a sowing system that has a trench opener either double disk, tine or runner, where the mechanical or vacuum meter deposits seed or fertilizer. Vacuum is supplyed by mechanical or electrical means from the enine. A container for commodities sits on top and a trench closer is dragged in the back. A front toolbar provides placement for frontal attachments.

The GPS communication system is capable of controlling multiple units at a time in terms of speed, row spacing, commodities metering, commodities depth while sensing performance and unit maintenance requirement levels

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Commodities bin




Track system

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