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Sliding light treatment system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234803D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-07
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Title: Rotating light treatment system 7 cm

500 mW optical power per LED, per

12.8 cm2 area, averaged over 1 revolution = 40 mW/cm2 average.




Many phototherapy treatment devices are in the market nowadays. The issue is, for some treatments (psoriasis, eczema), you need mid- to high- power levels and typically, the skin heats up to skin temperatures > 41-43°C when irradiance level of 40-50 mW/cm2 (in blue radiation) are reached. In compliance with IEC and ISO standards, skin temperature should be < 43°C and above this temperature erythema effects of the skin occur.

Hand-held phototherapy devices in the market, without active skin cooling.

With active skin cooling, it is possible to prevent the skin temperature rising to the erythema level at the high irradiance levels (> 40 mW/cm2) that are proven to be effective and efficient for the treatment.

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The invention proposes to provide a rotating light engine for use in light treatment that combines LEDs with an active cooling mechanism. The LEDs can either be discrete high power LEDs shown in Fig.1 or it could be a single led bar shown in Fig.2.


In both embodiments the intensity increases towards the outer circumference of the device. This is to ensure that the irradiance of the skin is the same regardless of the position relative to the diameter of the device.

Fig 3. E.g using 7 LEDs, R =3.5 cm: P(r)=π

The rotating disc is provided with a sliding...