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Magnetically Coupled Percutaneous Plug

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Publication Date: 2014-Feb-10
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A design or method is needed to improve the usability of the percutaneous plug for the recipient.

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Magnetically Coupled Percutaneous Plug


Problem Addressed 

A design or method is needed to improve the usability of the percutaneous plug for the recipient.

Novelty Statement

The new percutaneous plug design utilizes both magnets and spring loaded pogo-pins for coupling and aligning the connector.  This design improves usability for the recipient.  

Description (Components, Process)

The feedthrough consists of four robust pins, suitable for acoustic transducers and reducing the manufacturing cost and complexity as well as risk of pin damage.  The pedestal may also be made from Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) to improve biocompatibility and x-ray compatibility, along with a hydroxyapatite coating to improve tissue integration where required.

Figure 1: New Percutaneous Plug Design

Parts required for the magnetic coupling that can be purchased off the shelf are:

  • Spring loaded pins (Pogo Pins)
  • Plane surface pins (Interface Pins)
  • Magnets

Miniature pogo and interface pins with a few key features are required for the electrical connection.  The guidelines are:

·       Diameter: 0.5mm – 1.5mm

·       Length: 3 mm – 12mm

·       Resistance: < 10 – 30 mΩ

·       Solder cup for wire connection to transducer

The pedestal and the plug casing need to be custom manufactured metal components.

Detailed Design

The percutaneous plug consists of two main components: a pedestal and an external plug.

The pedestal has a flange with wide slots for flexible bone screw positioning and a lead e...