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Method and apparatus for speed dial on mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234821D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-10
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In this disclosure, a method of speed dial by making full use of the physical volume keys on smart phones is proposed. By using this method, you can call somebody with only several press operations on the volume keys and even do not have to unlock the screen or see the screen.

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Method and apparatus for speed dial on mobile devices

Speed dial is an important function in mobile phones when you want to call your frequent or important contact quickly, and it is even crucial in emergent situations when inconvenient to perform operations on the screen or keypad of your phone. In the standard dial procedure of a mobile phone, you have to unlock the screen, open the address book, and search for the person before you can call him. Usually, smart phones have physical volume keys on their side,

whose function can be expanded to implement speed dial. With speed dial, you can quickly invoke the dial operation without going through too many steps.

Prior arts and their drawbacks:

I. Telephone with adaptive speed dial method (EP 0930761 A3)


     A method is proposed in which a telephone can adaptively update its speed dial memory based on the frequency with which they are called according to the calling history.


     A method in a mobile phone for predicting to whom a phone call is being made, including identifying state parameters and weighting factors, to predict one or more likely contacts that a user of the mobile phone is calling and facilitate making a phone call to one or more of the likely contacts with the highest rankings.


This patent only focuses on how to manage the speed dial history, rather than how to perform the speed dial operation efficiently.

II. Speed-dial and speed-contact with predictive logic (EP 2150033 A1)


     The predicted result may be inaccurate since there is not always a strong association between the caller's current state and the contact he wants to call.

III. Location aware speed dial on a communication device (US 20130163733 A1)


     A method of assigning contacts to a speed dial function is provided. The method can include identifying a ge...