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Intelligent Outpatient Queuing System based on Patients' Mobile/Medical Devices Data in Advance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234830D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-10

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The core idea of our disclosure is leveraging the patient chief complains to predict the encounter time of treatment. Although the APP in reference can help patent make an appointment time. But the appointment time arrangement stratergies are totally different. They suppose that the number of patients treated by one physician in one hour is fixed. They don't distinguish the physicians and patients. This may encounters some problems like 1)can't make full use of the physician's time if the encounter time of patients in one specific hour are all short; 2)over-run one hour and the patients behind need to wait more time, since this hour is not enough for the patients with serious disease. Our method can make more effective arragment for both patients and physician, since we will leverage the conditions and finding features of patients and the capabilities of the physicians to estimate the encounter time btw one specific physician and one specific patients, not equivalent to see them. With this more accurate estimation of encounter time, we can help optimaze the physician resource and improve the patient satisfaction.

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Intelligent Outpatient Queuing System based on Patients

Intelligent Outpatient Queuing System based on Patients' '' Mobile Mobile

Mobile/ //Medical Devices Data in Advance Medical Devices Data in Advance


The deficiency of current outpatient queuing technologies:

1) Hospictal/Physician-Centered

2) Less patient participation

3) No correct queuing time estimation


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We propose a Patient-Centered intelligent outpatient queuing system based on patients' mobile and medical


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device data in advance which can correctly predict and effectively shorten the encounter and

queuing time.

With the development of the medical devices, the patient has been more and more smart. The smart medical devices can

Monitor and track patients' health status through Home-using Medical Devices

More medical devices are convenient and easy for patients to use

Automatically record the disease state and changes

Save the physical check time

Record patient's feeling to digital format in case patient forget

So with the smart medical devices, the smart patients' chief complaints can be easily obtained. The chief complaints will be more accurate, comprehensive, timely and permanent. So the smart chief complaints can bring benefit for physician, patient and queuing system.

Benefit of Inputting Smart Patients' Chief Complaints in Advance:

• For Physician: save for asking and recording time

• For Patient: avoid forgetting important information

• For Queuing: correctly predict the queuing time


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The core technology in our disclosure is how to find out the time-sensitive feature...