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GPS Monitor Bumpy Road Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234848D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-11
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Bumpy road is danger for our cars. Most of the drivers don't want to drive on bumpy road, so GPS should publish such information in our road map. Our idea is collecting the the bumpy road information and display in GPS to all users. That will provide more valuable route choices to avoid bumpy road and keep safe.

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GPS Monitor Bumpy Road

We often use GPS map in trip when drive a car. If you do not know the destinations, GPS map will provide many routes for you. However, some of routes are not satisfied, because they are bumpy roads, when you get there, you just know it, it is no choice to choose another way. Even you can turn around to another way, it also waste your much time. If you continue to pass, sometimes the bad road will wear to your car.

All these situation just because we can not get the bumpy roads from GPS map in advance. If GPS map can mark which roads are bumpy, that means we know this information before set out. We may choose another way.

So my idea is marked bumpy road in GPS map, that make the user know it in advance, provide more choice to user, and keep safe for their trip.

In general, we often choose the shortest distance, and no traffic. These we can know from GPS map. However, do you ever think about is the way smooth or bumpy? If

GPS map can mark bumpy road, that will give you below help:

1. Save the time. Most users want to choose the shortest distance to destination. If you meet bumpy road, the driver reduce the speed, that means they to take more time to arrive. If you know it before you leave, you may choose another flat road, it more quick to arrive the destination.

2. Bumpy road is bad for the car. Wear and tear is not avoided in the bumpy road. More worse, your car will be broken in such bad situation.

3. Keep the safe to the driver. If GPS monitor you will drive to bumpy road, especially in dark, we can not see the road carefully, it will reminder the driver "Please watch out the bumpy road".

I will introduce my...