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Method and system to focus all actions in a small area on mobile device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234879D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-12
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This invention discloses a new method to make all user actions of touch screen focus on a small panel. It marks the operable widget with different color(sharp) and generate mapping buttons in a touch-select panel. Besides basic action for these widget, extended action buttons are provided for target widget after one widget is selected. This invention contains a small panel generated in run-time. This panel contains a touch-select panel with buttons of different color(sharp). Each button maps to a widget. After one widget is selected, this panel is transformed into action panel to display buttons for basic and extended actions for this widget.

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Method and system to focus all actions in a small area on mobile device

firstly, device load a web page on touch screen. System starts to parse this page and stored all operable widgets in sequence. System will mark bottom border of several operable widgets with different color(sharp) and generate mapping buttons with the same color(sharp) on touch-select panel. The button size must be big enough for user's touch. If there is no wanted widget currently. Mobile users can slide the touch-select panel to move to next several widgets.Once mobile user click a button in the touch-select panel, system will render the mapping widget in this panel. Besides, system will also generate basic action button and extended buttons under the selected widget. Mobile users can easily execute wanted action by clicking a single button on this small panel.After action button is clicked, system will respond accordingly to make necessary change to this web page.

Besides web scope, other application providers or device providers can use

this method to focus all user actions into a small area.


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Reduce the operation area on large touch screen.

Improve user experience on mobile device.

There are five components for this invention: Parser[101], Panel Render[102], Touch Panel Handler[103], Action Panel Handler[104] and Panel Button Handler[105]. When web page is loaded, Component 101 starts to parse the HTML content and store the web widget into a list


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