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Dummy suspension with piezo actuator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234914D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-14
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Disclosed is the dummy suspension with piezo actuator for HDD that has odd head. To make the characteristic of the vibration of HDD that has odd head close to full capacity HDD, piezo actuator is attached to the dummy suspension that does not mount slider.

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PZT TF that is transfer function from piezo driving force to slider displacement in off- track direction of 3heads model is different from that of 4heads model called full capacity HDD. Because there is no piezo on the dummy suspension in 3 heads model, the piezo driving force is different from that of full capacity HDD.

So, (1) Piezo actuator is attached to the dummy suspension, and (2) Vibration part is put on the dummy suspension. (It is adjusted to make modal excitation force of target mode close to that of 4head model. In this case target mode is the arm sway mode at 11kHz.) This is not only for 3heads model, but for all kind of HDD that has odd heads (1head, 3heads, 5heads, and so on).

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