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Smart Road Entry Control System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234915D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-14
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Disclosed is a monitoring system to ensure that only self-driving vehicles access and utilize roadways dedicated to self-driving vehicles. The system includes a detection system, a communication mechanism, and a reaction system that use wireless and/or Near Field Communications technology to execute monitoring and the take the appropriate actions.

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Smart Road Entry Control System

When self-driving vehicles are introduced to modern roads, self-driving vehicle only roads will be implemented. First generation self-driving vehicles will have a manual override mode, allowing the driver to manually drive. These vehicles can be converted from self-driving back to manual driving as desired.

A system is needed to monitor self-driving only roads such that the roads are only accessed and used by self-driving vehicles and are kept closed to manually driven vehicles.

The disclosed monitoring system is set up on a gate or similar structure at the entrance of a self-driving vehicle only road. This system allows access to the self-driving vehicle only road by contacting the on-board computer system of self-driving vehicles to validate the current driving mode (i.e. self vs. manual).

This system monitors and enforces road policies such as no manual mode at any time, manual mode in specific zones, and/or lane specific policies. When a self-driving vehicle enters the road, sensors at the entry points as well as at different intervals on the road, communicate with the vehicle and validate that it is using self-driving mode. If the vehicle is not, then the system forces the vehicle into self-driving mode, provides a warning to the driver to enable the self-driving capability, or diverts the vehicle onto non-regulated roadways.

The system is composed of three parts:

• Detection system on the road

• Communication mechanism on the vehicle

• Reaction system

Detection System

The detection system uses various sensors such as cameras or near field communications (NFC) to detect vehicles that are entering or navigating in a...