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Using shades and crosshairs for displaying warning of UI widgets for visually impaired users Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234917D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-14
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Disclosed is a method to use a combination of a crosshairs feature and highlighting to assist a user with peripheral vision impairment in locating specific fields or content on a user interface.

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Using shades and crosshairs for displaying warning of UI widgets for visually impaired users

A method is needed to assist users with severe peripheral vision loss in viewing content on a computer user interface (UI). For users with loss of peripheral vision, a

web page or full screen appears with only the center of the screen in view. Most of the peripheral material appears dark and invisible to the user. This causes users to have difficulty locating the fields in a registration form (especially if a field is invalid, needing information), or navigating a page to look for search results or other content.

One browser system has an extension to show marks/indicators on the side of the page to help the user see where the search string is present within the web page. However, users still have to scan through those marks to find the items.

Mobile application instructions have used selective highlighting to demonstrate to users how to use application features.

Specifically, a method is needed to allow an error indicator to appear in the visually impaired user's field of vision.

The solution is to use both shading and crosshairs to help users easily navigate to the invalid field or the search result on the page.

The core idea is to (1) use crosshairs to guide users to quickly find invalid fields, and

(2) use color shading for extra visual assistance to easily locate the invalid field or the searched item on the page.

The method shows the crosshairs, anchored at each edge of the web page, guiding users to quickly find invalid fields. For long pages, the user interface automatically scrolls to bring focus to the location of the crosshairs. The thickness of the crosshairs is customizable.

The top left region of the cross hairs is shaded for visual assistance . The bottom right corner of the shaded box is highlighted with a circle highlighting the search result or the invalid field on the page. The focus center point of the circle is where the actual cursor is blinking. The color of the shade and the transparency level of the shade are customizable.

No matter where in page the user is looking, the use of shade and crosshairs makes it easy to find the focus area. Using shades and cro...