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Method for automatically detecting position of Stereo headphones Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234921D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-14
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Disclosed are a number of methods applied to ear buds to ensure that the audio is correctly directed to the correct channel for the corresponding ear bud. This solves the problem of the user having to determine which ear bud to place in which ear, in order to optimize the user experience.

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Method for automatically detecting position of Stereo headphones

When using ear bud headphones it is often difficult for the user to discern which ear bud is for the left channel and which ear bud is for the right channel. One solution currently in development uses position sensors attached to both ear buds.

The disclosed advanced algorithms provide a number of methods to solve the problems users have in determining proper ear bud placement. With the knowledge of location, applications can also be used with these methods to have preset audio equalization and volume control to improve the quality of the audio experience for those with hearing disabilities or loss of hearing in specific ears.

The solution comprises the following methods:

1. Uniquely identified ear buds using the built in camera functionality of smart devices

2. Using built in optic sensors to determine left/right location

3. Equipping ear buds with pressure sensors and specific installation instructions

4. Equipping ear buds with pressure sensors using audio commands to identify order of installation of ear buds

One method is to use the front facing camera of a smartphone/audio player. Each ear bud is a different color (Figure 1). When launching an audio playing program or application, the front facing camera takes an image of the user's face and identifies the colors of the ear bud in each ear. The system then adjusts both channels to play in the correct ear bud. (Figure 2)

Figure 1: Color-coded...