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A Method and System to Define and Provision Service-aware Framework in Cloud Environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000234977D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-20
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This invention provides one mechanism to define and provision such service-aware framework environment by using metadata drive definition, utilizing the Service-aware Framework Metadata, Service Dependency and Command Definition, etc. Method and system to define and provision cloud service-aware framework environment through utilizing the Service-aware Framework Metadata is provided in this invention. And this invention also provide one mechanism to provide and execute the provision process for the first time framework creation and dynamic scaling based on the Service Dependency and Command Definition. Utilize the service-aware framework metadata including the service dependency and command definition, Service-aware Framework Provision Engine within this invention is used to provide and execute the provisioning process for the first time framework creation and dynamic scaling.

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A Method and System to Define and Provision Service

A Method and System to Define and Provision Service-

--aware Framework in Cloud Environment

aware Framework in Cloud Environment

PaaS (Platform as a Service) that enables the development and deployment of cloud application services (see "Platform as a Service: Definition, Taxonomy and Vendor Landscape,
2012"). Currently, there are three main forms of cloud platforms (only two are actually PaaS) are available for application designers. Each delivers a different degree and model of embedded cloud support, and each requires a different degree of custom design for achieving the desired composition of cloud characteristics.

Cloud-native PaaS helps the platform implement tenant isolation and continuous versioning that is unintrusive to tenant customization, for example, the most popular open source PaaS.

The concept from the PaaS platform are including:



A framework is the execution environment in which the application will be run.

A service is a piece of code that the platform hosts that offers a piece of functionality that is made available for application to use.


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For the framework, there are 2 different types from the dependency on the service perspective.

Non-Service-aware Framework

For example, a Java web application might need to be run in a J2EE container. This J2EE container can separately run without the dependency on services.

Service-aware Framework

One sample is BPM (Business Process Management) runtime framework, which need the dependency on persistence or other services such as database, message engine, etc.

Problem & Challenge

For those frameworks which are aware of the service, it is not reasonable to simply duplicate the virtual images of the framework.

For example, BPM (Business Process Management) framework should rely on the database service to store the persistent process instance, all the framework instances should consume the shared same database service.

If the database is pre-built in the framework, and then just simply duplicate the virtual images of the framework, so each framework instance will consume the separated database.

If the framework does not include the service, such as the BPM framework does not include the database, it is required to separately control the database service. For example, during the provision of the first framework instance, it needs the user to manually create the data...