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Method and System to locate the car in park smartly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235022D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-25
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A method and system to locate the car position in park lot includes tracking the car route via a mobile device with gyroscope, accelerometer and camera, and calculating the car location via processing the route to match the park structure model in server. Further, when receives a request, the system will provide appropriate way with visualization in the structure model for finding the car.

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Method and System to locate the car in park smartly

It is a general activity that people driver their cars out and park their cars in park lot. However, it might be some inconvenience for the people getting back their cars in the park lot for various reasons:

People do not know the condition of park lot well and park lot is too large to find their cars.


People leave the park lot for a long time and forget the exact position where car stops.


As the situations above, it will be time costly for the people finding their cars in park lot, We propose an invention to locate the car in park so that we can help people save their time to get back their cars and leave the park.

Our invention consists of following ideas to make car parking more effectively:

Build a structure model of parking log.


Record the car drive route when the car enter the parking log using gyroscope, accelerometer and camera.


Upload the route data to server.


Calculate the position of car where it parks.


Provide an appropriate way for finding the car.


The advantages of this invention are:

Smart locate the car in the park lot even the park lot is indoor or underground.

Help the driver find the car when the driver wants to leave.

Our invention consists there parts to make the solution work:

Build Structure modeler


Car route recorder and processor


Locate requester



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The build structure modeler collects the architecture design of park lot, The modeler gets the detail information of the park structure...