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Handle for Power Tooth Brush with integrated Secondary Sealing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235028D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-25
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Invention Disclosure

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Title of the invention : Handle for Power Tooth Brush with integrated Secondary Sealing

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Background of the invention

The idea behind is protecting electronic components of the inner assembly for getting damaged due to liquid exposure. This happens when the primary seal is getting damaged due to tooth paste, germ and mouthwash contact.

Problems or disadvantages overcome by the invention

Proper sealing
Improve lifetime

The issue with the primary seal is, if it gets damaged due to toothpaste, germ or mouthwash the electronic components inside the handle are getting damaged from the liquids.

The main element(s) of the invention

The secondary seal closes the air gap between housing and inner assembly.

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The ID describes the secondary seal for protecting the PCBA inside the housing for getting damaged due to liquid.

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Invention Disclosure

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