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A System and Method Providing Itinerary Planning Using Multimodal, Favorite Routes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235037D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-25
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Disclosed is a navigation system that takes into consideration user preferences for routes, route subsections, and modes of transportation to generate a route with the characteristics that represent the user’s favorite options.

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A System and Method Providing Itinerary Planning Using Multimodal ,


Favorite Routes

Favorite Routes

Navigation systems assist a user in determining the route to a given destination from a given a starting point. Existing systems calculate such routes in real time, and often offer alternative routes.

Current systems do not provide overall routes that comprise favorite user -defined route subsections. These user-defined favorite routes may differ from the routes determined by automatic systems. For example, a user may have a preferred route to get to work in the morning that avoids traffic into the city, but have a different favorite route home , because the traffic is congested at different places at different time of the day .

Existing navigation solutions may implement features for offering multimodal transportation routes (e.g., walking, driving, public transit, etc.), saving itineraries, and/or implementing path theory (e.g., shortest path). However, current systems and applications do not offer a feature (i.e. system constraints) that provides a set of alternatives between a given origin and the destination that takes into consideration user preferences to generate a route with characteristics that represent the user's favorite options.

The novel contribution is a system that returns a multimodal travel itinerary between specified starting and destination locations that is composed of user -defined favorite route segments. The choice of favorite route segments is based on the current availability of each favorite route segment (e.g., based on traffic and weather) as well as the matching of specified choice criteria (e.g., low cost or quickest) to that associated

with the given segments. The system provides suggested routes that include:

• Multimodal transportation options (e.g., walking, driving, public transit, etc.) with

a route made of segments

• The user's constraints with segments (e.g., time, costs, accessibility, population, etc.)

• Itinerary saving (i.e. r...