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An intelligent laptop battery charging technique to utilize the battery capability to enhance the battery life Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235054D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-26
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This article discloses a technique to intelligently charge laptop battery considering the meeting schedules, location and laptop location as well as the current battery charge level to maximize the battery life.

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An intelligent laptop battery charging technique to utilize the battery capability to enhance the battery life

In today's world energy is a key element of everybody's life. The energy can be of any form electrical, magnetic, electromagnetic etc. The storage of this energy in devices and then using it for later or future use plays very important role in energy management. To store an electric energy we use battery, and this battery can be charged using a charger design for that specific battery. The life of battery depends on the number of cycles it completes (charging to discharging). The life of battery is depends on the various factors one of them is, in case of laptops if user keeps charging the laptop all the time and the battery never goes to discharge state , it affects the battery life and the batteries of this kind more likely to gets defective early. Ideally the laptop battery should not be put on charging unnecessary even when it is not require. Also the battery should move in cycle of full charge to nearly discharge, it improves the battery life. But in today's world where laptops are used for software development in all the software companies and user once start working he puts it on dock which provides continuous power supply to the laptop battery for whole day.

    Also the laptop users in offices are more likely to move from one location to another with their laptop for meetings at that time laptop battery will not be charging. So currently the battery charging decisions are more static where user put laptops on dock with regular power supply to battery irrespective of its requirement. There needs to be intelligence in making decisions on charging the battery based on the requirement of the user to utilize the battery more which in turn results in longer battery life.

This disclosure proposes a technique to intelligently decides on the laptop battery charging based on the user requirement. The battery charger program integrated with the user's calendar can access the user's calendar and intelligently make decisions whether to start taking power from input for charging the battery or to stop considering the meeting schedule and location of the laptop. This intelligent charger can also track the location of the user through the network to which user's laptop is connected and based on the availability of the dock station (input power) it dynamically makes decision on starting the charging or not. Also the proposed solution consider user's full day schedule to optimize the solution better to utilize the battery to its maximum capability.

    The proposed solution will also consider work location as during work from home user will be attending meetings from same location through phone calls.

    The proposed solution will try to make the cycle of minimum battery threshold to full charge state of the battery ideally. So once the minimum threshold for the battery charging is reached it automatically starts the charging, but in all ot...