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System and Method for Triggering Social Activity Based Automated Search and Campaigns Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235069D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-26
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This document describes a system and associated methods that enables making a decision of initiating a search action on the device/browser of one or more individuals subject to the context and activities of the individual with respect to the context of social circles, using as inputs a given capability to assess the context and activities of individuals with respect to social circles, and a given capability to trigger automated, parameterless (except for intrinsic parameters), search action on the device/browser of an individual.

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System and Method for Triggering Social Activity Based Automated Search and Campaigns

The problem under consideration

In today's state of the art:

• Social recommendation is well-understood

- Multiple bodies of work exist on this area

• Triggering automated search is also well-understood

- Google 2013 patent, based on context automatically triggers search

• Context : Geographic location, Weather conditions, Nearby businesses, Volume of ambient noise, Level of ambient light, An image captured by the mobile device's camera, Rate of traveling speed, Time and date information, Calendar appointments, Recent user activity, Habitual user activity

However, in today's known state, an open problem is to create a system or method to assess the activities of the social circle of an individual, and thereby create and trigger automated search queries for that individual given the fulfillment of activities of the social circle of the individual.

Approach to solution of problem

For solving the stated problem, we propose architecting and developing:

- A system and associated methods for assessing social activities with respect to an individual and thereby create automated partial search queries, including intrinsic search parameters, for that individual

• Partial search phrase may involve the social context, social connections and social activities of the individual

- A method to create a complete search query on a local device/browser, adding to the partial search query that is formed by a social aggregation subsystem, and trigger the search query with the automated search system on the local device/browser

• Often, context parameters will be added at the local device/browser, in order to complete the search query

• Method to automatically trigger instant search actions, or queue these search actions set to trigger when context rules are satisfied

The proposed system and associated methods will be capable of conducing contextual group-level auto-search. The search is now conducted automatically, and the results are returned to the searching device/browser.

A sample embodiment

Let A, B, C, D, E and F be a social group. Further, let, A, B, C, D and E have stronger social connections among them. Let a given observation be that A, B and C tend to visit a restaurant when they are in a particular locality L. If currently, A, B, C and D, all have just entered locality L, then, on the device of D, a search will be automatically triggered for a restaurant. However, on another day, A, B, C and F, enter locality L: but, on the device of F, no such search gets automatically triggered, as their overall social connection is not as strong. And on yet another day, A, B, C, D and E, enter locality L. Both on the devices of D and E, a search will be automatically triggered for a restaurant, and in case of E, an additional parameter


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(cuisine=Indian) is added if E strongly tends to prefer Indian food.

Some other example embodiment

1. Two...