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Personalized Monitoring System based on Mobile User-defined Scenes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235427D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-27
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This disclosure proposes a system and method to monitor personal belongings based on mobile user-defined scenes and behavior. It allows user to define personalized monitoring scenes and abnormal events using mobile phone conveniently. Ths disclosure leverages existing video monitoring system to monitor or track personal belongings in real time, which is a low-cost solution, and can detect the monitoring object defined by user in video images automatically using image matching method.

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Personalized Monitoring System based on Mobile User

Personalized Monitoring System based on Mobile User-

With the rapid development of smart moblie and mobile internet, moblie applications are changing our life and our world. Smart moblie phone has become a moblie sensor, and we can use it to collect nearby scene information conveniently, such as the photo, the locaiton and so on.

The video monitoring systems are equipped in more and more public places, such as parking, shopping mall and so on. But these systems are only be used to monitor the environment and could only be accessed by administrator, which limits its application vlaue greatly.

This disclosure regards to monitor or track personal belonging leveraging mobile phone and video system. it will enhance the mobile application and increase the added value of public video monitoring system.


Scenario: When the customers left the parking to go shopping in the supermarket, they may always worry about the safety of belongings because they could not get the real time status of their belongings quickly. Is there any system or method to monitoring personal belongings real-time and conveniently? 

Current Solution: Mainly focus on equipping these target cars with alarming device in advance or real-time monitoring abnormal situations in the whole parking by video analysis method, which could not realize personalized situation detection or behavioral monitoring defined by customers or lacks real-time bidir...