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System and method for Email status with workflow Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235429D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-27
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A solution to introduce Email status with workflow and integration with other system, to help users know the message remains in what stage straightforwardly, and deal with daily work directly in email system without have to tack several systems.

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System and method for Email status with workflow

People received many emails everyday and could not follow up all of them because there is no information about mail status . And they have to track many statuses in several different systems everyday, which is inconvenient.

For Example:

1) When discussing some issues in the mail, they could not not recognize from the mail list which mails are waiting for someone else to handle, which ones need to deal with their own, or which ones have been completed.

2) Someone asked another to complete one task before a certain date by mail, but the mail could not change status automatically and remind the receiver with the date of change;

3) If information of those two above examples should be recorded in other systems, users have to copy their emails manually.

Known solutions

Known solutions:


Solution1: To classify mails through folders, tags and so on

Drawback: Users have to manually update status frequently because of no automatic status change.

Solution2: Mail thread conversation (Same topic mails in the mail folding displays only the last one, the mail tree is visible after expansion)

Drawback: Lack of mail status and status update

There are two conceptions: Email status with workflow and integration with other system.

Each mail category is composed of a series of mail status, different categories include different status, and the status is automatically updated by predefined events or workflow.

Example 1: When a user sends mail to ask for help from someone else, he could set the category to DISCUSSION by rule or manually. The system then sets status to

, when getting response, the system is automatically triggered and changes the status to

according to the predefined event. The status goes round and begins again if user sends mail back again. When the problem is finally resolved, user could mark the status as


Example 2: When the user is asked to finish something during 1st to 5th of next month, he could set the category to TODO by rule or manually, and bound it to the Calendar date at the same time. Now the mail status is

, the system will automatically update the status to

on 1st and change it to

after 5th.

Based on such email system with workflow, outer system could int...