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Whistling Noise Cancellation Chamfer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235447D
Publication Date: 2014-Feb-28
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Description of the invention

The invention deals with a system to avoid whistling noise in air intake system of a combustion engine.

Prior art /example US2012222641:

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This new invention has no impact on the initial design and doesn't affect any functions linked to this product.

Whistling noise appears on vehicles or turbo outlet pipes generated this phenomenon due to the interaction between the air flow, slit and resonator volume.

This whistling is not something created before and to be damped but this whistling noise is directly generated by the silencer itself.

The proposed invention allows canceling the whistling noise. In this invention it's not the silencer itself but the way to avoid such resonator or another part to generate a whistling noise.

The invention can be used for all air intake system with slits.

In red, design proposed to solve whistling issue (thickness increased + chamfer added)

Slit for acoustic

issue in this case

Air flow direction

Design of prior art