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Determining APAR fixes from SystemDump data

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235462D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-03
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This article describes utilising system dump and meta data associated with application "bug fixes" to instruct users of application fixes appropriate for their environment.

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Determining APAR fixes from SystemDump data

    In a System Dump, most information required to determine if a particular bug fix is applicable is contained in the data collected. This article describes utilising a system dump and meta data associated with "bug fixes" to instruct program users on appropriate fixes to apply and save services engagements.

    System Dumps contain memory structures, references and contents / values - they typically contain all the information necessary to identify a number of application bugs and configuration issues. This article proposes using a programmatic API to identify memory signatures that pertain to known bugs associated with the application. When a bug fix is created that has a distinctive "memory signature" (for instance a particular memory leak) details of the "memory signature" will be stored in a repository that can be queried.

    The majority of products will contain eye catchers, variables containing version information or data structures that enable product levels to be identified by the memory contents and structures. The product version will be cross referenced to identify known bugs with stored memory signatures and the System Dump searched for those "signatures". An example would be a memory leak as described below:

ICxxxxx Memory Signature:

MyParentObject |--HashMap

!----Entry 1..n

n > MySingletonClass.poolSize

Searching for signature:

List parentObjects = SystemDump.findAllObjects(MyParentObje...