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Method to filter notifications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235473D
Original Publication Date: 2014-Mar-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2014-Mar-03
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While performing a task that you do not want to be interrupted (e.g., watching video), phone and email messages, in general, can be annoying. It can be especially annoying if in presentation mode (multiple-monitor mode or a WebEx session), as the notifications may inadvertently show private information. Existing systems treat notifications indiscriminately. For example, when you’re doing a critical task, you can block all senders. By doing so, however, you may miss an important message from an expected sender or from somebody close to you (e.g., spouse). In multi-monitor environments, a user could elect to use extended mode instead of mirroring mode, but that may not always be desirable (or default) or the user may not realize the problem may occur.

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Method to filter notifications

    The system or application can be configured to allow notifications only from senders that the user has explicitly permitted (e.g., via contact list attribute or membership within a group). Temporary notification override would go into effect during critical tasks (e.g. video). User doesn't have to keep checking for an important notification. The notification could show transparently on top of full screen content, to be less obtrusive.

    The filtering could also take advantage of the type of notification. For example, never show sign-in/sign-out notifications but do show incoming email previews subject to the sender filtering rules mentioned above. Additional rules could be set to change behavior based on the app in the foreground, like PowerPoint.

    It could also detect the existence of multi-monitor environment or WebEx session and dynamically switch to utilizing the filter rules.