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A method for data transplantation in the product builds Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235520D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-06
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This invention is about a mechanism which can be used for data transition of the product builds. By decoupling the data and the structure, it can help customers more easily reuse the stable data in the upgrade environment.

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A method for data transplantation in the product builds

Customer data export/import is one common business scenario in enterprise software operation. With this feature the software provided, user can export/import the business data from old release into newer release, or from development environment to production environment, or from one beta build to another beta build.

The most widely used export/import method is to extract the data from old system and save it into the new system directly. For example, in Case Management software, the solution data consists of several xml and pep files stored in the object store. This meta files can be exported to local disk as one zipped package. When QA applied the new build and import the solution package, the meta files are extracted from the package and stored in the new system. This kind of export/import is simple but the runtime software may not work well with the
old meta files if there are some changes how to handle the meta files in runtime software.

As software service provider, we known how the new version system create/generate data with those objects value, then here comes the solution idea: Reverse exported data package to objects and operations. The system need import data just to execute the operations in its own way, for example REST API. All the data can be created/generated in new ENV, which avoid the interface change or even logic update between objects. Further more, It provides a way to make data move bet...