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Method and apparatus to guarantee proper grammar forms for different GUI elements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235521D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-06
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The present invention detects same words or phrases which display in different GUI elements, and judge if these words or phases need different translations for different GUI elements. By applying the identified information in develop, translation and testing phases, the invention can help to guarantee proper grammar forms for different GUI elements.

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Method and apparatus to guarantee proper grammar forms for different GUI elements

In globalization testing projects, we usually perform two types of testing in sequence: Globalization Verification Test (GVT) and Translation Verification Test (TVT). For different languages, they may have special requests on the translation of word/phrase in different GUI elements. Such as for Polish language, translations for the same word/phrase that is located in different GUI elements will vary grammatically. Usually, this kind of issue can only be detected in TVT phase by Polish translation centers and requires late Program Integrated Information (PII) amendment to add respective PII strings for same word/phrase. Making such a change will be a risk for general release of a software product. To avoid such condition, we propose an invention to help eliminate such issues in translation process. The invention detects same word/phrase in different GUI elements in GVT testing phase so developers can make early PII updates, and inform translators that different grammars are needed for special word/phrase, and testers can efficiently conduct verification for this kind of issue in TVT phase.

Our invention consists of below steps to resolve the issue we mentioned in background part:

1. Identify the related element type for each PII string

2. Pick out those strings which belong to different element types

3. Show warning to developers and suggest to split the identified string into several items with different ids. So that one string only belongs to one element type

4. Embed the element type information into the PII files with invisible characters or provide the information with separate meta data files

5. Translator will be informed when he/she is translating a string with special grammar form requirement.

6. Related GUI will be easily picked up for TVT to check the grammar forms

The advantages of this invention are:

1) Identify the possible issue in early development phase

2) Inform translators to aware of such special needs in translation

3) Help testers to quickly locate to the UI/Element which need to verify

Our invention helps to...