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Dynamic language translation of remote or virtual machine console Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235530D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-06
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Dynamic language translation of remote or virtual machine console

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Dynamic language translation of remote or virtual machine console

Working to recreate customer issues on supported products that are available in multiple languages, installing the product on a system that is in a language unbeknownst to the user can present issues with menu options etc. Converting the entire system to a different language through locale switching or selecting a different set of install options can result in a different codepath being taken and a differing end result; if the problem only occurs on the "native" platform, switching language can mask the problem. A further problem arises if the support is required on a platform where changing the locale is not an option as is often the case in production environments.

    Utilising remote console technology, like Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or Virtual Networking Connectivity (VNC), or using a virtual console as the interface to the system, such as a VMware virtual machine instance viewed through the console interface, the intermediary medium can translate the information displayed on the "console" into the users native language while the interface to the system remains in the system's native language.

    This ensures that as far as the system is concerned it is operating in the "native" language while the end user is presented with information that is understandable to them, allowing them to operate the system "normally".

    Given a global support base, performing tasks in non-native languages is common, especially for system administrators and being able to perform those actions in their native language would simp...