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Finger input method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235537D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-07
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Input and select key in touch device is a pain. This invention enables user to input a character by a finger touch. User doesn't need to be presented a virtual keyboard. His fingers are keyborad. With different fingures touch, different characters can be input.

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Finger input method

Now virtual keyboard in touch device is more and more popular. Inputting on virtual keyboard is not convenient:

1. Virtual keyboard is not in fixed place. User need to find where the keyboard is and input

2. Usability of the virtual keyboard is not good, user may mis-type.

3. Users have to look and find the virtual keys when inputting, which decrease the input speed significantly Fingerprint recognition is a mature technology. For people's ten fingers, each is unique. This invention leverage 10


finger's motion to enable user to input easily.

1) Any finger touch screen anywhere with/without move a specified direction will be bundled with an unique and specified key/character

2) Upper and Lower cases can be switched by one predefined finger touch screen and move in a specified direction


1. Any character can be input by single touch of certain finger.

2. User don't need to find virtual keys. Fingers are keys.

Illustration of this invention:

1. Touch the screen with fingers, one specific character is input. As figure: Single touch by each finger, corresponding characters are:
Left hand little finger - A
Left hand third finger - S
Left hand middle finger - D
Left hand first finger - F
Left hand thumb - G

Right hand little finger - ;

Right hand third finger - L
Right hand middle finger - K
Right hand first finger - J
Right hand thumb - H

unique fingers

unique fingersand


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2. Touch the screen with fingers and move up, one specific character is input. As figure:


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Left hand little finger - Q Left hand third finger - W Left hand middle finger - E Left hand first finger - R Left hand thumb - T

Right hand little finger - P Right hand third finger - O Right hand middle finger - I Right hand...