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Unlocking network-less mobile computer using smartphone as security token transmitter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235542D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-07
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In this publication we present a method for possible solution of unlocking mobile device with restricted acess to network i.e when making a buisness travel

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Unlocking network - transmitter

People that travel with mobile computers have sometimes issue with logging into their machines. That can happen because of many reasons, including forgotten password or entering incorrect password too many times that locks the account. Typically, such computer does not connect to the Internet or 3G network and just waits to be unlocked.

The user must call the Help Desk of his company and ask them for help. In some cases Help Desk can solve the issue by providing a master password and sometimes it is not possible without returning the computer to IT department. Also providing master

password can sometimes be impossible because of confidentiality policy.

Our solution allows for unlocking computer that are not connected to any network using smartphone connected to 3G network and unlocking SMS sent by the Help Desk.

The solution is safe, does not require disclosing any master password (that is passwords that only Help Desk should know) and is handful in use.

Here is how the invention works:

1) the user calls Help Desk using his smartphone

2) after identifying the user and recording the problem ticket, Help Desk sends special unlocking SMS to the user's smartphone

3) special program on the smartphone recognizes that the unlocking SMS was received and starts looking for the computer using one of:

a) Wi-Fi

b) Bluetooth

c) Infrared

d) NFC

4) the user clicks special button on the logging screen that requests the computer to accept connecti...