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Chaining Application Lifecycle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235547D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-07
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A method and system is disclosed for chaining application lifecycle. The method and system combines a plurality of applications of different languages into a single application and thereafter executes the single application.

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Chaining Application Lifecycle

Disclosed is a method and system for chaining application lifecycle. The method and system merges two or more applications to form a single application and then executes the single application. The two or more applications can either be of same language or different language. The combined applications are referred to as "chained applications" and the process of combining the plurality of applications is referred to as "chaining of applications." The chained applications operate as any normal application and follow a similar life cycle. The combination of the plurality of applications enables execution of individual tasks sequentially, wherein each individual task is associated with one or

more applications. The user is able to execute the chained applications without any further intervention and customize the chained applications or individual applications to satisfy the user's requirement. Embodiments of the present invention enable the user to execute individual applications from the chained applications. The chained applications can also be exported from one server to another.

Fig. 1 illustrates a preferred embodiment chaining application lifecycle. As shown in the

Fig. 1, several individual applications in the lower half of the figure are chained to obtain a single application shown in upper half of the figure.

Fig. 1

After combining the plurality of applications, a back-end generates two files, an application.xml and a workflo...