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Enhancing A User Interface Using Real-Time Statistics In An IVR Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235548D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-07
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A method and system is disclosed for enhancing a User Interface (UI) using real-time statistics for an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) application.

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Enhancing A User Interface Using Real -

-Time Statistics In An IVR Application

Time Statistics In An IVR Application

Disclosed herein is a method and system for enhancing a User Interface (UI) using real-time statistics for an IVR application.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephony and speech-based applications obtain real-time statistics on caller behavior with a speech-based application. Although

reporting tools exist, interpretation of data and execution of actionable items to improve and update an application to maximize call containment in an automated system is not performed efficiently. In current practice, developers instrument many applications to obtain behavioral data, wherein the behavioral data is input to a reporting application with little or no analysis of the data beyond simple frequency counts and other descriptive statistics. Thereafter, an experienced professional is required to analyze resulting data and define a solution, which may include rewriting of prompts, reorganization of menu structure, and re-recording of audio files. Analysis of the

resulting data is dependent on skill and knowledge of an individual analyzing the data and imputing significant variability in quality across organizations. Currently, the IVR applications cover collection and analysis of metrics related to usability and containment in IVRs. However, the IVR applications do not address combination of data collection, analytics and real time prompt adjustment to meet business outcomes.

The system disclosed herein includes real time automated data collection and a reporting tool. The reporting tool possesses a capability to change specific prompts until a unique combination of individual audio files creates highest levels of call containment without human intervention.

The system includes a data collection methodology that may be used with any IVR or speech applications. After the data is collected, an analytic tool is implemented for reporting behavioral data on caller behavior. The caller behavior includes completions, number of errors encountered per call, level of errors (e.g. timeout 1 or 2), user initiated transfer to Customer Service Representative (CSR), system initiated transfer to CSR, and completion path. The system further includes an actionable real-time UI modification module that provides thresholds for number of errors and/or call completion taking immediate action based on user behavior. The actionable real-time UI modification module also provides notification of business stakeholders and/or creates swapping of prompt alternatives during design or development.

The below figure illustrates a flow chart of a real-time mechanism for the system.


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Referring to the figure, a UI is created with alternative prompts and/or audio files. Thereafter, a code is instrumented to collect key metrics such as calls completed in the IVR, user-initiated transfers to CSR, system-initiated transfers to CSR and number...