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A system for URL context management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235569D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-10
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Disclosed is a system that autonomically switches between a stand-alone shortened Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and the full URL, depending on whether the descriptive text in the full URL adds insight as well as whether the descriptive text near the URL is helpful.

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A system for URL context management

When posting Uniform Resource Locator (URL) links to forums, blogs, wikis, etc., often people use a shortened version. With so many threats to a computer system (e.g., viruses, malware, identity theft, etc.), users are increasingly unlikely to click on a shortened URL with no description of content. A user is more likely to click on the

content if the URL is shown in full or has descriptive text beside it. See the examples, below:

• Shortened URL:

• Descriptive text: This is User A's page. User A is a salesperson with several years' experience at Example Company…
• URL with further information to indicate that this is User A's Curriculum Vitae (CV): /user_a_CV

A solution is needed to better facilitate the use of shortened URLs.

The solution is a system to alter the displayed URL based on the surrounding description of the URL. This is a system for managing a URL link whilst taking into account the social network and the surrounding descriptive text. The system automatically switches between the shortened URL and the full URL and associated descriptive text if there are no descriptions or the system determines a lack of interest in content links. This system can be applied to any client/server environment or in any social network environment .

If the system determines the lack of interest in a given link from users, then it injects the full URL to increase the likelihood that the user will click on the provided link.

Additionally, the system can determine whether a URL contains relevant descriptive text, for example:
vs. nablement

In a social network environment, the system can be applied to show full URL links to users that are new to a social circle or for users that are not close within the social circle. Over time, users who are close usually trust content from other trusted users. If a...