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Connectivity Auto-Sensing for Instant Messaging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235577D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-10
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Disclosed is a mechanism to improve a user’s instant messaging (IM) experience in the on-going conversations by notifying all the active recipients of potential disconnection based on device conditions.

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Connectivity Auto-Sensing for Instant Messaging

During an instant messaging (IM) conversation between two or more parties in which immediate responses might be expected, certain circumstantial reasons might prevent a recipient from responding. One reason might be that the IM client on the device (e.g., laptop, tablet, or smartphone) is disconnected from the network. This could arise from any of the following conditions associated with the device:

• End of battery life

• No network signal

• Scheduled system restart

In such a case, if the other corresponding parties can automatically detect and sense such conditions on the device of the first party, then the other parties involved in the conversation do not have to second- guess whether to expect an immediate response, thereby improving the user experiences of all.

The novel contribution is a mechanism for predictive connectivity auto-sensing for instant messaging.

Addressing the challenge requires tapping into the Application Programming

Interfaces (APIs) provided by the mobile devices, which is commonly available in the

move to provide greater experiences for the users. The APIs allow the IM to read the following:

• Battery level

• Type of Network and the associated strength

• Location

• Schedule of system restart

• Motion

By using any reading, or a combination of readings, it is possible to detect a low-battery condition once the battery level drops below a predefined threshold setting (e.g., 2%). The resultant low-battery information can be propagated to all the active IM recipients, providing notification of the possibility that the user might disengage from the conversation due to an impending dead battery. (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Example warning notification to appear on a user's IM window regarding battery life

Similarly, in the event that the user device is experiencing bad network coverage, the

weak network strength (e.g., 1 out of 5 bars), or if the device is switching from a high speed network to a lower speed network, such information can be easily obtained from the devi...