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Method and System for Integrating Instant Messaging Availability with a Calendar

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235578D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-10
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A method and system is disclosed for integrating Instant Messaging (IM) availability with a calendar to identify chats that can be allowed or prioritized during a meeting.

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Method and System for Integrating Instant Messaging Availability with a Calendar

Often when a user is involved in several instant messaging chats as well as engaged in a conference call/meeting, there are specific chats the user wants to keep active or allow during the meeting. Other chats which are not to be prioritized are blocked. Currently, the user is required to manually check the incoming messages to decide if the incoming messages are of priority or not.

Disclosed is a system and method for integrating Instant Message (IM) availability

with a calendar to identify chats to be allowed or prioritized during a meeting. The method and system allows a user to setup different alert mechanisms and priorities for users actively engaged in a conference call or for users with identified priorities.

The system optionally, can be tailored to customize user preferences to always allow messages from specific users such as, but not limited to, manager and team lead. The system can also customize the user preferences when a user is already engaged in several chats prior to the start of a conference call. The system can be customized to set the user preferences to only alert a user after a threshold number of messages are received. For example, the user preferences can be a user's name is called out 5 times in a multiple user chat. The system can allow customizing allowed messages per chat. The user can customize the system to alert the user on specific chats based on the critical nature of the chats. For instance, there is a critical multi-person chat with a lot of activity that a user likes to be alerted on and at the same time a less critical multi-person chat that the user does not like to be alerted on.

Consider a scenario wherein "User A" is logged into an IM application with several active chats. Thereafter, "User A" joins a conference call with "User B" and "User C". "User A" selects a preference to link the IM application into calendars of "User B" and "User C" to identify meetings. When "User A" joins the conference call with "User B" and "User C", the IM application recognizes the time slot as busy for "User

A" and sets an IM status to reflect "User A" is i...