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Method for Timed Evolution of a Message Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235585D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-10
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Disclosed is a method to attach a time window, which autonomously updates, to a message consisting of a past, present, and future frame. This prevents confusion on the part of the reader because, as a message ages, the tense of the message changes to match the current context.

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Method for Timed Evolution of a Message

Often when viewing an activity stream, timeline, message board, or message wall, a user finds messages written in an ephemeral tense and focus. The activity stream entries lead to confusion and misunderstanding when viewing after the short period following the entry post.

Figure 1 illustrates the problem with updates. The user enters a series of updates over a period of 120 hours. The ephemeral and present tense leads to confusion. Further confusion arises from ephemeral relationships and statements (e.g., "Going to the office today" or "Meeting with Interesting people").

Figure 1: Problem with updates

Figure 2 illustrates the problem with an embedded experience. User A and User B participate in an online social network with an aggregation service capable of embedded experiences. User A and User B are participants in a Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). User A's activity stream is in view. The CRM system sends an activity with an embedded experiences /action to User A and User B. The message is "Your action is required". User B addresses the embedded experience with action from the associated activity stream. User A sees the update and opens it to realize the action is already addressed (i.e. by User B).

Figure 2: Embedded experience


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To prevent confusion, a method is needed to enable the representation of the proper view of an activity stream.

Disclosed is a method to attach a time window to a message consisting of a past, present, and future frame. As a message crosses over these time boundaries, the pieces of the message with time associated information updates to show the correct tense of the message in relation to when the message was written. This allows a message to be programmed to autonomously update, given some programmatic expirations and preferred tense forms. When a message self-modifies the tense, the message appears as a new active update from the user.

The novel system and method to change a message over time are comprised of the following actions:

• Acquiring a message post

• Determining a time span associated with a message

• Defining points in the time span wherein a message changes form

• Changing the message in response to determining that a defined point in the time span has been reached

The system allows friends, family, etc. to stay up-to-date with a message and understand it as it changes in time. Wi...