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Intelligent placement of downloads or bookmarks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235588D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-10
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Disclosed is a method for the intelligent placement of files or bookmarks upon download based on context or content.

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Intelligent placement of downloads or bookmarks

Downloading files from the internet is generally an easy process, but improvements can be made. Many download managers allow users to download entire sites, streaming content, or a specified selection of files by type or wildcard matching. After the downloads are complete, finding the files can be difficult. In addition, creating directories and other places to store certain files at the time of download is time consuming and generally results in a lower level of organization. Further, browser wars between multiple browser makers are competing for market share and are doing so by adding better features.

The solution is a method for the intelligent placement of files or bookmarks based on context or content.

To implement the solution in a preferred embodiment:

1. Track the precise location of files when downloaded from the web or another application or copied, such as:

A. Local folders

B. Remote locations (e.g., servers, Network Attached Storage (NAS), etc.)

C. Cloud locations

D. External drives

2. Track data regarding the context of the file:

A. From where it is being downloaded or current folder location

B. Keywords in the web page

C. What application is retrieving the file

D. What device the user used to access the file

E. How the user reached the content (e.g., if a work intranet page links to another page with the download link)

F. Where others commonly save the file

G. Content or metadata of the file being dow...