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HAMR (Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording) slider structure for high accuracy laser diode positioning with Ag paste. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235597D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-11
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The present invention relates to HAMR slider which installed LD in slider. It uses a paste which contains Ag (silver) filler for the purpose of reducing cost sharply. By this, it makes possible to make Ag paste thickness uniformity. Furthermore, it can improve the position accuracy of the height direction.

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- Apply the adhesive containing Ag filler for the bonding of slider and LD (Laser Diode) .

It becomes possible to reduce metalize (gold, solder) given to slider and LD by this, and the cost reduction of slider and LD becomes possible.

  -It includes the ingredient which performs UV (ultraviolet) hardening of the adhesives. By this, it can use LED UV at the time of hardening. Therefore, it does not need high temperature. As a result, the rise in heat of slider becomes it is low and possible preventing deformation by heat.

  -It selects what becomes controllable with the pressure which applies to adhesives the shape and size of Ag filler which it includes in adhesives regarding perpendicular positioning. solder thickness accuracy and the accuracy more than equivalent are realizable.