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Stress cone (rubber body) for internal cone cable terminal and the terminal including the same

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235598D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-11
Document File: 7 page(s) / 102K

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Jason-jinlin.xiang: INVENTOR [+3]


In traditional tail-exposed stress cone, semi-conductive rubber is covered by insulating rubber. By improving the design, the new design consists of semi-conductive rubber (for stress control) and the insulating rubber. The tail of semi-conductive rubber directly bonds with cable shield by interference fit. The horn mouth is embedded in insulating rubber while the tail is exposed in air.

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䈪 ᱄ Ҝ ᪎ 㾷

   ᵢᇔ⭞᯦ශᨆבҼж〃⭞ӄ޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥⲺ㔓㕎ᵢ։θެ⢯ ᖷ൞ӄθᡶ䘦㔓㕎ᵢ։ऻᤢ⭧Ḋᙝ㔓㕎ᶆᯏ࡬ᡆⲺㅢж䜞࠼ૂ⭧Ḋ ᙝঀሲ⭫ᶆᯏ࡬ᡆⲺㅢӂ䜞࠼θᡶ䘦ㅢӂ䜞࠼Ⲻжㄥ੾஽ਣਙ⣬θ ᎂ൞ᡶ䘦ㅢж䜞࠼ѣθᡶ䘦ㅢӂ䜞࠼ⲺਜжㄥⲺཌםуऻ੡㔓㕎ᶆ ᯏȾᵢᇔ⭞᯦ශ䘎ᨆבҼж〃ऻ੡ࢃ䘦㔓㕎ᵢ։Ⲻ޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥȾ



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᪎ 㾷 䱺 ഴ


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ᵹ ࡟ 㾷 ≸ Ҝ

   1. ж〃⭞ӄ޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥⲺ㔓㕎ᵢ։θެ⢯ᖷ൞ӄθᡶ䘦 㔓㕎ᵢ։ऻᤢ⭧Ḋᙝ㔓㕎ᶆᯏ࡬ᡆⲺㅢж䜞࠼ૂ⭧Ḋᙝঀሲ⭫ᶆ ᯏ࡬ᡆⲺㅢӂ䜞࠼θᡶ䘦ㅢӂ䜞࠼Ⲻжㄥ੾஽ਣਙ⣬θᎂ൞ᡶ䘦 ㅢж䜞࠼ѣθᡶ䘦ㅢӂ䜞࠼ⲺਜжㄥⲺཌםуऻ੡㔓㕎ᶆᯏȾ

2. ṯᦤᵹ࡟㾷≸ 1 ᡶ䘦Ⲻ㔓㕎ᵢ։θެ⢯ᖷ൞ӄθᡶ䘦ㅢж 䜞࠼фㅢӂ䜞࠼Ⲻ޻໷ᒩ┇䗽⑗θъᡶ䘦ㅢӂ䜞࠼Ⲻ޻໷ᱥᒩ┇ ⲺȾ

   3. ṯᦤᵹ࡟㾷≸ 1 ᡌ 2 ᡶ䘦Ⲻ㔓㕎ᵢ։θެ⢯ᖷ൞ӄθᡶ䘦 Ḋᙝ㔓㕎ᶆᯏᱥ㔓㕎ₗ㜬Ⱦ

4. ṯᦤᵹ࡟㾷≸ 1 ᡌ 2 ᡶ䘦Ⲻ㔓㕎ᵢ։θެ⢯ᖷ൞ӄθᡶ䘦 Ḋᙝঀሲ⭫ᶆᯏᱥঀሲ⭫ₗ㜬Ⱦ

   5. ṯᦤᵹ࡟㾷≸ 3 ᡶ䘦Ⲻ㔓㕎ᵢ։θެ⢯ᖷ൞ӄθᡶ䘦Ḋᙝ ঀሲ⭫ᶆᯏᱥঀሲ⭫ₗ㜬Ⱦ

   6. ж〃޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥθެ⢯ᖷ൞ӄθᡶ䘦޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥ ऻᤢቴ㇗Ƚྸࢃ䘦Աжᵹ࡟㾷≸ᡶ䘦Ⲻ㔓㕎ᵢ։ૂ䇴㖤൞ᡶ䘦ቴ ㇗ૂ㔓㕎ᵢ։ҁ䰪Ⲻᕯ㉝Ⱦ

   7. ṯᦤᵹ࡟㾷≸ 6 ᡶ䘦Ⲻ޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥθެ⢯ᖷ൞ӄθ䘎 ऻᤢ䇴㖤൞⭫㔼Ⲻㄥ䜞рⲺ䀜ཪȾ






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䈪 ᱄ Ҝ



[001] ᵢᇔ⭞᯦ශ⎿਀ж〃⭞ӄ޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥⲺ㔓㕎ᵢ։ૂऻ੡ ެⲺ޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥȾ

[002] 㜂Ქᢶᵥ

[003] ⴤࢃⲺ⭫࣑⭫㔼ф≊։㔓㕎ᔶީㅿ䇴༽䘔᧛ᰬθж㡢䜳䟽⭞޻ 䭛ᕅṇ㜸ᨈᓝૂ޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼ᨈཪⲺᖘᕅθᆿ㻻ᰬሼ⭫㔼ᨈཪᨈޛᨈ ᓝѣȾ

[004] ֒Ѱ޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥⲺжѠ䠃㾷䜞࠼θՖ㔕Ⲻ㔓㕎ᵢ։ཐ⋵⭞ 㗄ᕅ㓾ㄥⲺ伄ṲȾ俌ݾθ൞㔓㕎ᵢ։Ⲻཌם䇴㖤ᴿ㔓㕎ᶆᯏθ䘏ṭ жᯯ䶘Րֵ⭞䖹ཐⲺᶆᯏԄ㙂໔ࣖᡆᵢθਜжᯯ䶘θ⭧ӄཌםⲺ㔓 㕎ᶆᯏሲ㠪㔓㕎ᵢ։䖹৐θԄ㙂㔉ᶺ⺢ᓜ໔ࣖԄ㙂уᯯ׵ᆿ㻻Ⱦެ ⅗θ൞㔓㕎ᵢ։޻ם䟽⭞䱬ụᕅ䇴䇗θ䱨↘㔓㕎ᵢ։ф⭫㔼ҁ䰪ӝ ⭕փ〱Ⱦռᱥθ൞ֵ⭞ѣθ䘏〃䇴䇗䴶㾷൞⭫㔼р㕖㔋ঀሲ⭫ᑜθ ԛሼ⭫㔼㼯ᡆ⢯ᇐ䱬ụ⣬Ⱦ䈛㕖㔋䗽ぁགྷᵸъу᱉㋴⺤᧝࡬θԄ㙂 䲃քҼᆿ㻻᭾⦽ૂਥ䶖ᙝȾ

[005] ᇔ⭞᯦ශ޻ᇯ

   ᵢᇔ⭞᯦ශⲺᇔ᯳ᯯᕅᨆבҼж〃⭞ӄ޻䭛ᕅ⭫㔼㓾ㄥⲺ㔓 㕎ᵢ։θެ⢯ᖷ൞ӄθᡶ䘦㔓㕎ᵢ։ऻᤢ⭧Ḋᙝ㔓㕎ᶆᯏ࡬ᡆⲺ ㅢж䜞࠼ૂ⭧Ḋᙝঀሲ⭫ᶆᯏ࡬ᡆⲺㅢӂ䜞࠼θᡶ䘦ㅢӂ䜞࠼Ⲻ жㄥ੾஽ਣਙ⣬θᎂ൞ᡶ䘦ㅢж䜞࠼ѣθᡶ䘦ㅢӂ䜞࠼Ⲻਜжㄥ Ⲻཌםуऻ੡㔓㕎ᶆᯏȾ