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Stabilization of sodium formate on cellulases in liquid laundry detergents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235599D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-11
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Stabilization of sodium formate on cellulases in liquid laundry detergents

Table 1. Formulation of liquid laundry detergent


Concentration (w/w %)





Zhenwei Li[a] and Jia Yu[a]

  Our study initiated with investigation of one detergent cellulase, Celluclean 5000 L (Novozymes) in liquid laundry detergent with or without Na-formate (0%, 0.5% and 1.0% Na-formate) and monitored its residual enzymatic stability after storage at 37oC or 40oC for 4 to 8 weeks. Figure 1 shows the enzymatic stability of Celluclean is slightly improved by addition of Na-formate in such enzyme- containing detergent composition. The effect is dose-dependent and more evident at longer storage and higher temperature. It is about 10% more stable for cellulase with 1% Na-formate than the one without after 8 weeks storage. Thus Na-formate is supposed to be a milder stabilizer for cellulase in liquid laundry detergent.










Up to 100

[a] All chemicals are of technical grade from Chinese producers, and added in appropriate amount of water and mixed thoroughly followed by pH adjustment with NaOH to pH 8.0. [b] AES in Chinese national standard detergent according to GB/T 13174-2008 is set as 2%, while it is set as 4% in liquid laundry detergent . [c] Tap water is used in the preparation and 0.06% (w/w) CaCl2 was supplemented before addition of enzyme and/or sodium formate in this study.

Experimental Section

All chemicals were of analyti...