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Needs Aware Augmented Reality System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000235630D
Publication Date: 2014-Mar-14
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Needs Aware Augmented Reality System

Today's state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) systems for mobile phones and emerging devices (such as Google Glass) focus on the presentation of contextual information based on location, object recognition and data from mobile services and applications.

    These systems do not go as far as taking into account the personal needs of the end human user. This publication covers this area and describes how human needs could be incorporated into augmented reality.

    The core idea behind the publication is to monitor the needs of an AR human user and automatically inject information relevant to their current needs into the augmented reality view. Thirst, hunger and nature's call relate to basic human needs which are relevant to this invention. In one embodiment of the invention, sensors on the human body would detect thirst or hunger. This information would be communicated to the AR system which would respond by updating the display to include information relevant to satisfying those needs. For example restaurants in the vicinity could be automatically displayed if the user was feeling hungry along

with toilets in the area if one is needed. This information would automatically disappear from one view once those needs had been satisfied.

The invention consists of three main parts:

Detecting or determining hunger, thirst and other human needs.

Looking up information relevant to satisfying that need.

Presenting the information in the AR display

    Determining hunger and thirst could be achieved through a combination of direct and indirect techniques. It could be achieved directly by placing sensors on the user's body or on the wearable AR gear. These sensors could, for instance, listen out for the sound of eating or drinking. O...